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Online Dry Cleaning Business Partnership

In this current trend, we have built a mobile on-demand app service. It's called Online Dry Cleaning, and it's designed to make it easier for your customer to engage in getting dry cleaning picked up and delivered when your customer needs it.

Refer your existing clients

Lock your customers to see you only in the user app.

Lock in your Clients

Your Clients only find you, but new clients can see you on online dry cleaning

No Capital Outlay Required

Earn extra income becoming part of the Online Dry Cleaning concept.

The Drycleaning industry has been the same for more than two decades.

Most dry cleaners do offer a manual type of drop-off and pickup and delivery service, and this is generally by telephone created manually or basic based on simple web-based ordering pages, these orders are generally manually added onto a run sheet printed out, and the drivers, have to slot these into their current route, by, estimation of fitting it in, system, where ODC offers a is a totally customisable, app solution, for picking up and delivering based on our smart google map connected system personalised automated service, when the user customer wants it. The ODC driver’s APP difference is, we will auto allocate the pickup or deliveries on a route or routes, of the day, to the drivers this systematic routing using google maps, this, is a logical way of routing a driver to pick up and or drop off the users ordering within a route how they want it.

Some of the features included in our system are

  • App-controlled services; available on all platform’s Android, Apple & Web.

  • Direct inner communication between a provider and the user, accessible on all orders.

  • Ordering Accessible for a user and provider 24/7.

  • Customised calendar controlled for a pickup and delivery solutions best for both user and provider at your requirements.

  • Drivers app routing, based on the Google mapping system, will work anywhere in the world, google maps allocates your orders .today, tomorrow and all future orders generated.

  • Special note section for direct note by the user for processing.

  • Inbuilt camera option for stain alert for problematic items to be notified.

  • It has an inbuilt communications chat system.

  • Radius route distances controlled by the provider.

  • Auto payouts into your accounts minus fees.

  • Digital perception of your service area based on post or zip codes.

  • Locked referral link for connection with you as a service provider only.

  • Serviceable area restricts based on the provider’s radius of service.

The user-friendly interface allows users to get their orders picked up as a provider when you want it! The UI also lets you modify delivery options even after they have placed an order.

Trustworthy on-demand service is just a few clicks away! So your customers do not have to call or walk over to your local dry cleaner to place your order.

Apps inbuilt Communications system

The app has excellent communications for the user and the provider

  • Text messaging alerts for the user throughout the process of an order.

  • Push notification alerts.

  • Inbuilt chat system.

  • Inbuilt camera use of problematic items on the android and apple user app.

  • An Inbuilt direct communication based on an individual order to the allocated service provider used for that order.

  • Updated coloured processes buttons to show different stages of order.

  • Inbuilt quote tabs under the user’s menu bar for all quotes.

  • An inbuilt wallet that shows all incoming, outgoing receipts and balance of credits.

I have many more features with the provider system, marketing, communicating etc.

Be A Partner


$159 month
  • Apple/Android/Web User App
  • Personal Business Dashboard
  • Multiple opportunity in service Categories
  • A Radius you are comfortably with
  • Drivers app
  • 24/7 support


  • Apple/Android/Web User App
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Standard Categories
  • A Radius you are comfortable with

Business Plus

$399 Year
  • Apple/Android/Web User App
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Standard Categories
  • The radius of pickup & delivery that’s comfortable to you.
  • 1 Driver.
  • 24/7 support.

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