Some of our features include

  • Available on all services; ios, android and on the web.
  • Communicate between Provider and User with our built-in chat system
  • Always accessible
  • Providers oversee Pickup and Delivery days
  • Built in camera option for stain alert for problematic items to be notified.
  • Get a quote on services like Wedding Dress cleaning and preservation or Curtain Cleaning
  • Repeat It – Subscription based Service
  • Order Status
  • SMS Notifications

Technology is forever growing, and the world is forever changing. This means we need to grow with it. It is now time to adapt the changing environment and save time. So much time is spent on travelling to places like Dry Cleaners, let them come to you. Zero contact Pickup and Delivery Cleaning services are ow available, so what’s stopping you from joining?

Providers, the industry needs to adapt to the change around them. By joining online dry cleaning, you are joining a collaborative brand that’s offering pick up and delivery services to users in your area. Save the hassle of calling, we can refer your existing customers and open you up to a whole new market of users. This is your items, your prices, your pickup and delivery days, our app. So, what’s stopping you?

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