Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Online Dry Cleaning is a global solution provider for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Industry, and we offer the inner connection between providers and users, who require a pickup and delivery service to their doorstep; we have the most competitive prices in the market. We have been providing technology for dry cleaners, laundry, and alteration shops for over the last 30 years in Australia.

  • It works as efficiently as it seems, once registered as a Service Provider of ODC, we will send out the registered provider a how-to document, this will show them how to operate the APPs & start getting orders from USERS.

  • For a user, the App is simple to use, open the App. It finds your approximate location, enter your items, enter your pickup & delivery address, add any required notes and images in the checkout screen and press the checkout button to process, the provider is notified and ready to process on your selected dates.

  • No, there will be no charges for our first 100 AFFILIATES registered as a provider with ODC. It is currently FREE to join as a provider, and a user will always register FREE as well.

  • If a provider is already, offering a Pickup & Delivery service, The Online Dry Cleaning app, can potentially broaden their existing online presence and potentially increase their route growth.

  • It is not easy to run a business in a society where technology is already taking over on everything, ODC will go the extra mile, to help expand your business through our APPs. It doesn’t matter if your company is large or small; the APP will give you more customers to get daily sales quickly and help achieve your daily target.

  • The provider is in full control of their PRICE LIST for any services connected that you offer users if you wish to increase or decrease any pricing; this can be completed within the provider’s dashboard.

  • There is a % commission to the ODC company per transaction created within the system. Its calculated by the service + transaction charges processed by the payment gateway provider associated with any orders generated within the user app, the terms of this are within the terms and conditions of registering as a provider of service.

  • Inside your provider’s dashboard, you will see all of your transactions through our ESCROW payment tab. The screen will show all orders generated by you, your drivers & your income. We take our agreed % of orders generated within the system. The merchant card services will take theirs, and the remaining money once cleared by the merchant provider is automatically sent to your registered provider’s merchant account.

  • Yes, the App has around 1.8K Subscribers & 3.4K Digital Downloads which is why the app is already getting a positive response from the users around the globe.

  • Head Office is located in Australia 5/7 Carrington Rd, Castle Hill NSW 2155.

    Official Website: www.onlinedrycleaning.net

    Email Address: barry@onlinedrycleaning.com.au

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